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Press Release

Contact: Ruslan Kozlov

Robust Tool to Reverse Engineer Executables into High Level Language

Dis# (DisSharp) is a powerful tool to reverse engineer MSIL code into a human readable one. In addition to the support for a choice of programming languages and the latest .NET 2.0 innovations, it offers unique processing of metadata, name import from PDB files and documentation import from XML files, inline code editor and a host of other features. Their synergetic force results in amazingly accurate decompilation. today announces the release of Dis#, a powerful tool for MSIL reverse engineering. While automating many steps of the decompilation process, it accommodates the user with a means to edit raw code before it is processed at a higher level. Dis# provides a multi-tab interface, an inline code editor, an ability to save code into Visual Studio-compatible projects and many other comfortable features. They should make the job of reverse engineering your source code as handy and effective as possible.

When working on PE source code it is often helpful to disassemble the code and check individual instructions. Visual Studio provides a standard tool which goes to some extent with the job. But oftentimes it's not enough. Dis# makes the next step in the code analysis and decompiles executables to help the user verify the code, find bugs and vulnerabilities, or just study algorithms to ensure the applet's interoperability. Relying for some part on the self describing nature of .NET Portable Executables, the program amends their metadata with local variables and runs a series of code transformations and simplifications. With an amazing speed of over 2000 methods per second it transforms the binary code into a high level language very close to the original source code. Besides the optimization of the code itself, the program offers several options to optimize the view. It can expand abridged names into full namespaces, present constants as either decimals or hexadecimals, provide Unicode Chars, Type Detail, Single Statement Brace and other options.

What's more important, Dis# offers a choice of tools to help the user with the code analysis. It can autoload code documentation from XML and name descriptions from the module's program database (PDB). In case of code obfuscation, it provides the user with a tool to deobfuscate the assembly and restore readable names. Within any method you can call all other methods that invoke it. The features are of much help with reverse engineering and code analysis.

The developers of Dis# went an extra mile to make your work with the code comfortable. Decompiled source files are emitted into separate folders according to their namespaces. Each project is propped with AssemblyInfo; References; Entry Point; and Resources, which the program also emits into .resx file for the use in .NET forms. The program GUI lets you easily navigate through assembly classes. Expandable nodes on the project tree help access each class member. The interface ensures fast browsing and editing. Here is one of the user comments on Dis# efficiency: "NETDecompilier's inline editing makes it stand out from the rest, which makes source code recovery less of a nightmare. It is quick and easy to use. In the event you lost your source code (or something worse), you can feel safe knowing that it could be recovered nearly 100% with a product like this. It pays for itself, in time saved, after the first recovery. Great product". Sean Sliwinski.

Dis# Features at a Glance
  • Support for C#, Visual Basic.NET, Delphi.NET and Chrome;
  • Support for .NET 2.0 (assembly formats, generics etc.);
  • Comfortable browsing and editing (inline editor, assembly browser);
  • Customizable code presentation ( full namespaces, decimal or hexadecimal constants, Unicode Chars, Type Detail, Single Statement Brace etc.);
  • Visual Studio compatible projects;
  • Code optimization and deobfuscation;
  • Unique code simplification system (Pseudo Assembler).

Pricing and Availability
Dis# costs 399 USD for a single-user license. The company offers flexible pricing for bulk orders. Registered users are entitled to free life-time support and program updates. A demo version of Dis# is available at

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